500 W. Aurora Rd Suite 205   Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067

 All Sandwiches & Subs served with homemade chips & pickle spear substitute fresh cut fries for $1.50 Grilled Cheese- Served on Your Choice of Bread. $5.45 Deluxe Grilled Cheese- Crispy Bacon, Juicy Tomato Served on Texas Toast. $6.45 BLT- Crispy Bacon, Juicy Tomato & Iceberg Lettuce, Mayo. $7.95 Chicken BLT- Grilled Chicken with Crispy Bacon, Tomato & Lettuce. $8.95 Grilled Chicken Breast- Served with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion. $7.95 Chicken Deluxe- Topped with Crispy Bacon, Grilled Onion, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Tomato, and Smothered with Swiss Cheese. $8.95 Spicy Chicken- Topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, Mango Habanero Sauce. $7.45 BBQ Grilled Chicken - Chicken Breast with BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Red Onion, Tomato and Lettuce. $8.95 Teriyaki Pita - Chicken, Peppers, Onions, Teriyaki Vinaigrette. $8.95 Veggie Pita - Hummus, Lettuce, Tomato, Roasted Red Peppers, Onion, Feta, Olives. $6.95 Chicken Wrap - Marinated Grilled Chicken, Lettuce Tomato, Onion, Honey Mustard. $7.95 Loose Moose Blackened Chicken Wrap - Blackened Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Guac, Chipotle Mayo. $8.95 Philly Cheese Steak Wrap - Steak, Peppers Onions, Swiss Cheese. $8.95 Fried Bologna on Texas Toast - 1/2lb of All Beef Bologna with American Cheese and Grilled Onion. $8.95 Loose Moose Club - Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss Cheese, American Cheese with Mayo. $8.95 Authentic Greek Pork Gyros $8.95 Gyro Lamb and Beef $8.95 Pork Souvlakia $8.95 Reg Style – Tzatziki, Tomato, Onion. Dirty Style - Onion, Mustard, Fries. All Burgers Served with Chips topped with lettuce, tomato and onion with a spear pickle. Loose Moose Burger- 1/2 lb Burger with Your Choice of Cheese. $7.95 Double-Decker- (1# of Meat) Two Patty’s with Your Choice of Cheese $11.45 BLT Burger- 1/2 lb Burger Patty with Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato $8.95 Western- BBQ Sauce, Jalapenos Peppers, and Cheddar Cheese. $9.95 Sunshine Burger- Topped with American Cheese, Bacon and a Sunny Side Up Egg. $9.95 *Loose Moose Turkey Burger- 1/2 lb Burger with Your Choice of Cheese. $7.95 *Black and Bleu Burger- 1/2 lb Burger Topped with Bleu Cheese Crumbles. $9.95 Vegi Burger - Black Bean and Rice Burger with Onion and Pepper. $7.95 Greek Burger - 1/2lb Burger with Feta Cheese, Gyro, Tomato, Onion and side of Tzatziki. $10.95 Italian Burger - 1/2lb Burger, Pepperoni, Marinara, Pepperoncini, Red Onion, Tomato with Provolone Cheese. $8.95 Mushroom Swiss Burger - 1/2lb Burger with Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese. $8.95 N.Y Strip Steak Dinner - 8oz Steak Served with Vegetables, and Choice of Potato and Fresh Bread. $12.95 Lamb Chops - 2 Grilled to Perfection, Served with a Bed of Rice, Fresh Vegetable of the Day, in a Lemon Olive Oil Aioli. $15.95 Grilled Pork Chops - 2 8oz Charbroiled Pork Choice of Potato, Dinner Salad and Apples Sauce. $13.95 Chicken Parmesean - Served over Pasta with Dinner Salad $11.95 Gouda Mac and Cheese- Shells, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli with Garlic Bread and Dinner Salad $14.95 Pierogi Dinner- 4 Potato and Cheese Pierogis Served with Sautéed Onions and Sour Cream. $11.45 Cod Fillet - 8oz Fillet with Fresh cut Fries and Cole Slaw. $9.95 Lake Erie Perch - 2 Pieces with Fries and Cole Slaw $10.95 Spaghetti with Meatballs - Classic Spaghetti, in House Made Sauce, Meatballs Dinner Salad and Garlic Bread. $8.95 Gyro Platter - Fresh-Cut Fries $3.00 Rice $2.95 Vegetable of the day $2.95 Gouda Mac and Cheese $3.95 Kids Quesadilla $5.95 Kids Burger $5.95 Kids Chicken Breast $5.95 Chicken Tenders $5.95 Kids Pizza $5.95

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk for food borne illness

All Prices are subject to change without notice



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500 W. Aurora Rd Suite 205 Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067


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